Tecnología y Servicios de Energía, (TYSE) provides the services needed to access natural gas (NG) efficiently and safely. In NG systems we are in charge of:


Natural Gas has become the top fuel for industries and power generators, since it is cleaner and cheaper than diesel, fuel oil, and liquefied petroleum gas. We contribute to making our clients more competitive by through the selection of NG as they benefit from achieving low cost production with lower carbon emissions.

TYSE installs new facilities, revamps systems and performs conversions from other fuels to NG. Our services concentrate on supply systems that transmit and utilize NG, specifically in pipelines, and metering, regulating and compressor stations, including equipment and peripheral systems.

Thanks to our capacity to solve specific customer needs without compromising quality, TYSE works with projects of varying sizes: those with high NG consumption (such as electricity power generators and small-scale projects in industries and commercial facilities.

TYSE is a licensed natural gas operator with the Commission for Energy Regulation (in spanish CRE)

We participate in (at least) the following three markets:

Power generation
Oil & Gas