Thanks to our performance, we have been working with our customers on their NG systems for over 10 years. With more than 169 signed service contracts and projects, we are one of the leading experts in this field in Mexico.

For decades, TYSE has been responsible for operating NG supply systems in power generation plants from companies such as Gas Natural Fenosa, Iberdrola, Intergen, KST Electric, CFE-CCC San Lorenzo, and CFE-C.T. Emilio Portes Gil. We also operate NG systems in industries such as Cooperativa La Cruz Azul and ASF-K of Mexico.

Preventive and corrective maintenance is another area in which our activities are focused, for example with Novaceramic and Mitsubishi.

We provide the diagnosis, maintenance and calibration of metering and NG analysis systems: chromatographs, moisture and H2S analyzers, flow computers and gauges in various plants such as Aztec Energy, CFE – CT Combined cycle The Sauz, CFE -C.T. Emilio Portes Gil, CFE – C.T.C.C. Tula, CFE – C. T. Salamanca, and Cooperativa Cruz Azul.

In dozens of new plants, we have designed and installed instrumentation and control systems; and supplied, tested and implemented new flow computers.

TYSE’s work experience also includes servicing gas heaters, turbines and valve calibration, and the repair of filters, such as in the plants of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and Tuxpan II and V.

The engineering and procurement of NG supply systems are services where TYSE has experience, as are the cases for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, CFE-CT Emilio Portes Gil and Kaltex.

TYSE has an intensive demand for pipeline corrosion related services, carrying out diagnosis and repair of mechanical protection, as well as annual analysis of the pipeline’s integrity in facilities such as Aztec Energy, CFE – CT San Lorenzo Power, Iberdrola – Altamira V and CCC Palizada Campeche I.

As for cathodic protection, TYSE has provided the diagnosis of facilities such as Transcanada AES TEG II Operations and CFE – CT San Lorenzo Power and has designed and installed new cathodic protection systems for pipelines, including Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Iberdrola and CFE – CT Combined cycle The Sauz.

In large-scale projects, TYSE has undertaken the role of project manager, overseeing the broad range of activities related to the construction of NG supply systems, such as in Intergen.

TYSE also offers consulting services, including the provision of studies related to NG: Auditing the operations and maintenance of gas systems, analyzing the integrity of pipelines. The installations in Azteca Energy Pipeline River, CFE – CT Emilio Portes Gil and Altamira LNG Terminal are examples of this activity.

Compliant with Mexican regulation, we help our clients to obtain permits to transport natural gas, for example, Gas Natural Fenosa and Amsted Rail. We have also conducted studies, for example with Citrofrut to estimate the economic, technical and material requirements for the installation of new NG systems.

Natural gas is cleaner and cheaper than diesel, fuel oil or LPG fuel. TYSE collaborates with industry transforming fuel systems to use natural gas. This service has proven very useful for plants seeking to cut production costs.