TYSE was created in December 2003 with a long-term contract to operate and maintain an international power company’s Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP). The accreditation from the Commission for Energy Regulation (in Spanish CRE) to operate natural gas (NG) systems was also obtained. A year later TYSE got the first contract in a Federal Commission of Energy (in Spanish CFE) thermoelectric.

In 2005 TYSE strengthened the following services: engineering, procurement, and commissioning natural gas services. A year later, the company started to provide consulting services to support the customers’ decision-making process. In 2006 TYSE also began to work in the manufacturing sector.

In 2008 TYSE opened the north branch in Tamaulipas in order to meet the demand of this region. Four years later, the maintenance and operations services covered the majority of the private power plants in the country, with contracts that have been renewed more than a decade.

Building the future
Up to 2014 and ahead of the Mexican energy reforms, TYSE is fully up to date and responsive to changes in legislation and regulations. As a product of our experience and our awareness of developments in legislation, we are ideally placed to respond to the new needs of the public and private sectors.