Corrosion control

TYSE helps to maintain pipelines operational and protect the long term integrity. To pursuit we analyze the cathodic potential and use indirect techniques of field inspection:

  • Analysis of close interval (CIS)
  • DC Voltage Gradient and AC Voltage Gradient (DCVG y ACVG)
  • Pipeline Current Mapper (PCM)
  • Isolation and thickness measurement

We also use direct techniques to check the status of the pipe and its mechanical protection. These results present a diagnosis and effective repair program for mechanical and cathodic protection.
Finally we design and supply materials: anodes, rectifiers, boards and insulating tapes, and we also install mechanical and cathodic protection.

Finalmente realizamos el diseño, suministramos los materiales: ánodos, rectificadores, juntas y cintas aislantes, e instalamos la protección mecánica y catódica.