TYSE offers a complete range of services relating to the preventive and corrective maintenance of NG systems and equipment, available either through a standard service or as long-term contracts covering the entire system. These services guarantee the productivity and efficiency of the NG system. Maintenance is carried out by experienced technicians, and service options are designed specifically to meet the clients’ needs. We perform the maintenance of all the instrumentation and the equipment of the regulating and measuring stations, for example filter inspection, maintenance of control valves, relief and regulation.

TYSE specializes in the maintenance, calibration and supply of spare parts for gas measuring equipment:

  • Gas chromatographs
  • Moisture Analyzers
  • H2S analyzers
  • Flow Computers
  • Orifice, turbine and ultrasonic meters
  • Electronic pressure and temperature transmitters
  • Explosive mixture detectors, fire / smoke sensor

As part of its services, TYSE also provides maintenance to pipelines, this includes thickness measurement, pig cleaning, coating repair, cathodic protection maintenance, leak detection and ROW pipeline monitoring.